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  • Start Your Business Off on the Right Foot in 3 Easy Steps

    After months (or years) of planning, it’s finally here- time to open your first store front! You believe in your product and you’re training employees who do too. Now it’s time to get the word out...beyond just the family and friends who already know. Outdoor signage is a big part of establishing yourself and drawing in your first customers. Think about it- your sign advertises your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round to anyone and everyone passing by! Pretty much no other form of advertising can say that. 

    A study by FedEx Office in 2012 showed that nearly 76% of consumers said they had entered a store they have never visited before, simply because of its signage. In that same study, 68% said they have made a purchase because a sign caught their eye. Around half of consumers said they told someone else about a store because of the signage. Having the right sign, whether affixed to your building or alongside the road, can bring you paying customers, make you money, and get your business off to a running start. Nashville Signs Inc, your sign company in Nashville, TN, is ready to help design and create the custom signage for your new business. Here are the 4 steps to getting started on a sign: 


    1. Create a Logo (or solidify one you already have)

    Having an eye-catching logo is the first step to drawing in customers with a sign. There are logos out there that we all recognize- Nike, Apple, and McDonalds to name a few- but keep in mind that they got that way because of branding. Since you’re just starting out, you’ll need something that helps identify who you are and what you do, but in a simple way. If you have no idea where to even start on a logo, we can help connect you with graphic designers. If you already have one, but want to freshen it up or get confirmation that it’s the right choice, we’re happy to give our two cents and help clean it up. We want to add that you don’t HAVE to have a logo or designated symbol; your business’s name in an original or eye catching font and color will work well too. Channel letters on a building often don’t include a logo, but it does make your business stand out and look more desirable. 


    1. Do the correct paperwork and get the necessary permits

    You will most likely need a sign permit for your outdoor sign, so it’s important to educate yourself on the local sign ordinances. You should be able to find this information on your city or county website. Look for a document called “Code of Ordinances,” often found in the “Planning and Zoning” section. As part of our planning process, we can go over this together and figure out anything else that will be required by possible landlords or officials. 

    When signing a lease, make sure you review any criteria regarding signs for your storefront. Some lease documents will only allow for certain types of signs such as channel lettering only or may permit certain colors. Make sure to go over these with them and ask questions before signing it. 

    1. Start thinking about sign designs and styles

    After you find out what’s allowed for your storefront, we can get going on the fun part! Start by looking through our gallery of signs we’ve fabricated over the years- channel letters, neon, monument signs, and more to get an idea of what we’ve worked on in the past. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your creation! Think about your type of business and which colors best represent it and what draws people in. Colors are extremely important and every successful company knows it- McDonalds and hundreds of other restaurants use red and yellow colors as they’re associated with food and hunger. Purple hues are great for places that are geared towards females, like a salon or spa. Green makes most people think of eco-friendly products or things relating to money. So, what colors best represent your business? Start brainstorming. For your logo and your sign, the right colors draw people in and the wrong colors can deter people. Once again, we love helping with the designing phase, so we’re open to assist along the way. But we also know it can be fun to start dreaming and planning on your own too. Do some research, take note of signs that get your attention, and have fun!


    1. Contact Nashville Signs Inc! 

    If you haven’t already in the process, contact us, your go-to sign company in Nashville, TN. All of this may seem a little overwhelming as you try to work out the final details of your new business, so let’s sit down and talk about what your needs are and how we can help! Remember, signage should be part of your advertising budget because of how effectively it brings in paying customers. Your sign choices have the power to draw people into your location or drive them away. We look forward to working with you as you get started on this new business adventure!

  • 3 Types of Signs That Are Still Effective Today

    The act of using signage to identify and brand one’s business has been around for over a thousand years. Naturally, signs have changed and evolved since its inception, and we now find ourselves in a digital age. Digital signage tools have gained immense popularity, because they help deliver personalized and real-time content to current and potential customers. While digital signage can be increasingly popular and effective, we know that traditional signage continues to be one of the most useful tools for attracting customers. They have yet to lose their charm or effectiveness. At Nashville Signs Inc, we continue to provide high quality, high functioning signs and aspire to be your preferred sign company in Nashville, TN. The following three types of traditional signage are still very effective and will be for years to come.

    Monument Signs

    Monument signs combine graphic and architectural designs to give your business a bold look. These signs are particularly effective for stand-alone buildings like doctor’s offices, places of worship, schools, and plazas. Monument signs offer a guaranteed audience as almost all of us spend a decent amount of time on the roads. Monument signs provide information and inform drivers of your location; you get the opportunity to target customers on their way to work or school and even those on their daily walk or run. Channel letters, backlit lettering, and/or lighting make your sign visible all night long, so you can advertise your business 24/7 with little effort. Well-designed monument signs, like the ones we create here at Nashville Signs Inc, are extremely effective in helping you stand out from the crowd and draw in more customers.

    A-Frame Signs

    Also referred to as sandwich boards, A-frame signs are cost-effective, easy to use, and easy to customize or interchange. While simple in design and function, A-Frame signs can catch the attention of most everyone passing by that specific business, which brings in more customers and subsequently more money. Because A-frame signs are a less expensive signage option and bring in paying customers, they provide a large return on investment for your business.

    Another benefit that’s contributed to its survival as a non-digital option is that you have the ability, means, and freedom to change the location, and even message, to grab maximum impressions. They’re easily customizable for quick announcements and sales. Restaurants, pubs, and bars even use them for displaying menus and/or drink specials. They’re made with quality materials, made to withstand weather and fluctuating temperatures, unlike many digital signs. A-frame signs are low maintenance with the potential for high results, so it’s easy to see how they’ve stood the test of time.

    Neon Signs

    Nothing says it like neon! This technology that’s been around since the 1920s still thrives today and has actually increased in popularity over the

    last several years. Technological advances in recent years have made neon longer lasting, requiring less maintenance. Neon signs can come in practically any color, since modern versions rarely use just the neon element (or use colored glass tubing). They’re classic, eye-catching, and perfect for a unique touch. We’ve been making and installing signs in Nashville, TN for over 30 years and hope to continue helping businesses add extra pizazz to their buildings with neon signs inside and out!

    At Nashville Signs Inc, your preferred sign company in Nashville, TN, we’re able to design and create anything from ​banners to pylon signs​ for your company or organization. Whether you need COVID-19 specific signage or a new exterior sign, we’re ready to create alongside you. ​Contact us​ today!